How can I mix and match bars and lines without a time series?

Hi! I’m using grafana via the web. I’m trying to set certain columns of my data to be either bars or lines on the same visualization, for Pareto charts and the like.

This is possible with a time series panel, but I can’t figure out how to do it for data that does not include a time series. How can this be done for Pareto and other non-time-based plots? I see that there are specialized plugins for Pareto charts but surely I don’t need a plugin for such a basic feature?

hi @sowdenraymond — that thread covers using the Time Series panel, which can do mixed bars and lines. But, I am graphing data that does not have a time dimension, so I can’t use that panel.

can you try adding a time field to your influx query?

otherwise you could try an apache echart

sorry, belated answer—there is no meaningful time dimension to the data. I want to make a pareto chart, with bars showing the # of examples of each category, and a line showing the % of the total. It’s easy to generate the data in my SQL code. I just need the visualizer to let me set one column to show as bars, and the other as a line, but it seems Grafana doesn’t support this without a time series.