How can i get ony dictionary values Using name by regex

Hi team i am new to grafana, i want to display only dictionary values in my message received from elasticsearch kibana.
This is my Log:
2023-06-09 11:01:04,383 : INFO : On host us00vlrd00006, redis cumulative keyspace exceeded exceeded threshold of 5000000, automatically deleted all documents in dgb redis queue. Redis keyspace at time of drop: {‘dgb’: 4999251, ‘cb’: 183, ‘smtp’: 2, ‘cfrm’: 1274, ‘system-logs’: 2, ‘k8s’: 163, ‘cloud’: 71, ‘warden’: 1}

I want to display only: {‘dgb’: 4999251, ‘cb’: 183, ‘smtp’: 2, ‘cfrm’: 1274, ‘system-logs’: 2, ‘k8s’: 163, ‘cloud’: 71, ‘warden’: 1}

I tried rename by regex but I am doing some mistakes I guess. Please let me know how can I do this thanks.
Datasource: Elasticsearch
Metric: RawData
Panel: Table
Transform: Rename by regex