How can I display weekday names in stat panel


I am trying to display the daily energy delivered by my photovoltaic panels using the stat panel. I have configured telegraf to read the inverter power every 10 seconds and write it into an InfluxDB. Getting the daily energy is done using the following query:
SELECT integral(“WR_P_AC”) / 3600 FROM “modbus” WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(24h) fill(null) tz(‘CET’)
which delivers this (formatted) data:

now, my idea was to add a transformation to set the field name to the corresponding time to display the weekday in each value field:

at this point, the time gets formatted and interpreted as number.

how can I achieve formatting the time as weekday and display it as such?

thanks a lot!

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @tom84

this should be possible one way or another. You might need to do some regex work. Can you share your raw, unformatted data?

the data looks pretty much like in your gif…

two more screenshots: the time column can be formatted as weekday:

but when i add a transformation to use the time as field name then I can not find a way to apply the formatting options: