How can i add a data link?

Hello guys, my issue is with grafana template.

In the image below, how do I add a datalink on each server in the list (using Transform: Series to Row).

With Override → Fields with name → Only show me “Field” and “Last”… Without Transform: Series to Row, I can do this Override correctly and add the datalink.

—> Image Link

Thank you guys!

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @hanacan

can you share the exact links you are trying to create?

Can you use the data tab inside the Grafana Inspector panel to share your data?

Thanks for your reply my friend.

Well, the exact link is variable, (Each server have 1 link for your own dashboard)… My issue is how can i add this link in each server (1. I use Transform: Series to Row transforming my series (each server name) in row “Field” and values “Last”… If i try to add a datalink with override for each row, i add in “Field” however my Link stay in ALL server presents in the row hahaha… :frowning: