Hosted grafana open to invite

My name is Arnaud GENTY, author of Flowcharting plugin.
I’v create an hosted grafana site yesterday, to display a gallery and examples of dashboard with this plugin.
It is possible to open it an everybody (invite) with personal edition ?


I will check that and get back to you. Would it be ok to configure it like and allow anonymous access so that everyone can access it?

Hi Daniel
Yes, offcourse, with pleasure.
I would like to post dashboads demo to show the powerfull of grafana and Flowcharting usecase.
And everybody can play with it. I don’t need datasource because testdb is enough.


We could install the Flowcharting plugin on and give you a folder that is yours, where you can create any dashboard you want - what do you think about that?

It would be wonderful
You are a chef :slight_smile:

@algenty Do you have an account on If not can you sign in and create one.

I have got it :
Arnaud GENTY

@algenty you should have admin access to this folder now:

You can add and create dashboards and give other people permission to the folder and its dashboards.

Let me know if it doesn’t work or if you have problems.

Hi @daniellee, it works (Champagne ! Maybe after containment at Grafana Con)
First little example


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Looks great! Hopefully there will be a GrafanaCon soon.

Little question, can i use these datasources ?
Other questions
if yes, how to use cloudwatch ?


Yes, feel free to use those data sources - they just contain fake data. But I’m not sure if we have a good test account for Cloudwatch that we can use on the play site - I will check.