Ho to arrange (organize) series by text in Stat panel?

I’m using the Stat panel to show some metrics, for example:

status{pod="A"} 1
status{pod="C"} 3
status{pod="B"} 4

And using as Text mode: Value and Field I map {{pod}} to be the text. So something like this is shown:

A 1
C 3
B 4

But, I’d like to organize the values being displayed on the panel alphabetically by the text being shown (A, B, C).

So it should always be displayed like:

A 1
B 4
C 3

But I cannot fin such an option.

How can I do that?


Did you try to use the Transform Tab and select Organize fields.

Good Luck

Hi, Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

To use the Organize fields transformation, first I’m forced to apply an Outer join by “Time” and then I can apply Organize fields

After doing it this way, every time the panel is refreshed the values are randomly displayed again.