History missing after reboot

I am running Grafana 5.1.1 on Windows using the Docker download. I forgot to mount a volume when I created it and after a reboot lost the Grafana config. Influxdb is running locally as a service. After a reboot and setting Grafana back up with a mount point all is working except Grafana is only showing data from the reboot. It is not showing the previous week’s worth. I expected to see the history as InfluxDB was running the past week collecting. It is not in a container and the files created a week ago still exist locally on the machine.

Is there something I need to do to tell Grafana to look at data farther back then when the Docker container was created and started? Or is there something I am not understanding correctly? The data I believe is being stored in Influxdb and not in Grafana so I did not expect data lose to occur.