Histogram X Axis Scaling Issue

Grafana 10.2.3 since before Christmas and notice this issue now

Grafana running on site on Windows Server 2019

Load up Histogram on Pages, as time series with time, metric and value and this is what I get
No Grafana Errors when showing blank Graph, shows legend counts highlighted in yellow

Red marker is for a result column you’d choose to view in the various graphs on this dashboard, Query is manual SQL and variables from top changing the views, not perfect but it did work

Panel doesn’t work unless manually setting Min and Max values for X Axis

Was working before like below ( different Dashboard but same idea )

Breaks and crashes for memory, Gets this error on latest version of Edge and similar on Chrome


Checked for other topics and rechecked the documentation but nothing

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Updated to 10.3.1 there and issue is still the same

Even when only looking at last half hour,
50 data points feeding into the Histogram graph,
editing the visuals to see if it’s the issue will crash the page with the ran out of Memory warning

Updated to Version 11.0.0, Full release from this week, and it’s working again