Histogram with Limits

Hi every one, I’ve been able to plot a histogram using the graph panel. However adding threshold for the Specs limits became horizontal like the this,

We have a mysql database.

Is there an option to change limits from Y-axis to X-axis?
How can it be done?
Thank you for the support.

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Hi guys.
I could not find a way to set the limits in the X-axis neither…
Is it possible? It’s quite common in case of histograms I think…
Thanks in advance!

I have also tried to figure out how to mark a spesific column in the histogram barchart. With no success. I my case I want to show the target with another color. And the target must be read from the database (not static). Are there any other way around? Is it possible to have a second bar in the histogram chart? Or mark the target x-axis value with another color?

Thank you for the support!

The grafana didn’t support this funcation.

Maybe the future will support it?