Histogram showing daily max

I’m at the bottom of the learning curve of Grafana (along with several other packages related to home automation), and i’ve managed to get data regarding my home’s daily energy consumption into an Influx db and displayed as a saw tooth in Grafana.
What i want is to see it as a histogram of the max vales per day. The nearest i can get is a max value for the day with a sloping line to the next day’s max. I want nice squared off bars of the max spanning the day with perhaps a small gap between each one.
Can someone point me in the right direction?
I’m running Grafana as a Home Assistant add-on on a Raspberry Pi4.

congratulations and welcome to the forum, good luck on your journey, you can read the beginners dialog that is linked in the start of the page.

I can’t even find beginners’ dialogue.
Anyway, i’ve got nearer what i want by tuning lines off and bars on in Display.

okay and what is missing?

what is missing then?