Hide GroupBy name

Hello there,

Grafana v4.5.2
Datasource: Elasticsearch v6.5.4
Metricbeat: v6.4.3

I use Grafana to display metrics graph of servers composed by VM and services docker.
For each VM and each services i display, for example, CPU usage like this:

The graph is groupBy services’ names and it seems to work well. Some may already figured out the issue but here we can see “docker-register” act strangely. That’s because i’ve for each VM a “docker-register” service and my query display all time series as one due to the exact same name.

Initial query:

By chance, although the name is the same, the ID’s service isn’t. I’ve groupby ID before groupBy name giving me this:

new query:

But now i’ve this:

The new graph work well, all my docker-register services are separated but i’ve in the legend this huge disgusting and useless ID.

My question is, can i hide the ID, which is display from de groupby and keep showing only the service name.


yes, in the alias field use $Service

or {{ docker.container.name }}

I’ve tried $Service already but seems to don’t work,
{{ docker.container.name }} in other hand works perfectly well, thanks a lot.