Hide dashboard from folder structure

Hi there,
is there any chance for hiding sepcific dashboards in the folder structure so that they are anly available via direct link?
We activated anonymous access so that plenty of dashboards can be visitied without login and one of it should also be visible without login but should not be listed in the folder structure.
Any ideas? :slight_smile:

welcome to the :grafana: community @kaaw

You can either hide individual dashboards or the folder itself (hiding every dashboard in it) by removing the Viewer permissions from the folder or dashboard that you want to be hidden from anonymous users.

To hide a folder:

  • go to Dashboards > Browse

  • Hover over the folder name and click Go To folder

  • Click Permissions tab and remove the Viewer role

To hide a dashboard: Open the dashboard > Go to dashboard settings (gear icon at top right corner of your screen) > Permissions > Remove the Viewer role:

Also, please note, that all the users in your organisation that have Viewer role, will not be able to see the folder/dashboard as well.

Not sure if this helps you to accomplish what you need, but it is what I have found


It worked for me.