Hide "Current:" from Graph Legend

Graph is plotting multiple values and I only care about the current value, and am not showing min, max, avg, or total. My values show up as pV V Current: , but I would like to show it as pV V: and hide the “Current” portion.

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In your query, do you see an “eye”? If yes, toggling this will show/hide the line on your graph.

Thank you for the reply. I do not want to hide the graph trend, or the legend label or value.

I only want to hide the word “Current” from the legend. I know all of the legend values are the “Current” value, but three of the measurements are actually Amperage/Current, and glancing at it gets distracting. Those on the right are Amperage/Electrical Current, and those on the left are Voltage or Watts. pV W Current: should read pv W:, pV V Current: should read pV V:, and so on.

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