Help with DashBoard Monitoring

Hi guys, I need some help.
Imagine a scenario where there are 10 Dashboards. Each dashboard is for a specific client and each has its own specific host. Is there any way to create a dashboard out of all these dashboards? For example, a main dashboard that has the dashboard of each customer and if any host of the customer’s dashboard goes down, the main dashboard will appear in red or offline, whatever, and then yes I enter the customer’s specific dashboard and see what it is the host that went offline. I know there’s a way to make a dashboard list that will keep changing from time to time. I don’t know if I was very clear, but the idea was to have a dashboard that has the Items for say, Mike, Clara etc…
The Mike item turned red, so I go to Mike’s dashboard and see which of his gear is offline.

You can do it for example using http api.
Extract all dashboard with needed datasources.
Inject datasources to your all having stuff instance if it’s different.
if not it easy.
Combine dashboards on json lever inject.
If you need help let me know.

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Up coming future will do perfect for you

This is upcoming now is manual installation