[Help] Grafana logs out random

Hello! We use Grafana v7.1.0 (8101355285). Often the user disconnects without reason apparently and the login is displayed. In the log file I see: Failed to look up user based on cookie" logger=context error=“user token not found”.
I also tried to add the option kiosk, change browser, clear cache, use another user but the issue still remains. Any suggestions? :slight_smile: Please let me know if You need more information. I will thank You all in advance. Have a nice day, Sara

Hi Sara - if you have server admin access, take a look at the authentication token time settings: https://grafana.com/docs/grafana/latest/auth/overview/#login-and-short-lived-tokens

Hi Samantha, thank You very much for Your reply! Looking at my grafana.ini I see:

How often should auth tokens be rotated for authenticated users when being active. The default is each 10 minutes.

;token_rotation_interval_minutes = 10

Inactive time day is set to 7.

What should I set? Many thanks again, Sara

Hi! I changed the token rotation value but Grafana still keeps on logging out. How can I fix this “behaviour”? Many thanks, Sara