heatMap in Grafana

I am interested in displaying a heat map in grafana according to data I receive from geojson.
And of course the map will open in accordance with the points that change. The locations of the points change according to the selection of a certain variable.
At first I tried to do this by using a geomap in which I selected heatMap
But I had a problem - the zoom.
The map was opened with a high zoom and it was necessary to scroll to see the points up close and not as a block.
I tried many times but without success.
I tried to use the Dynamic text plugin and in it I created a js code that is used in a leaflet type map. The map opens with the correct zoom according to the points but the points appear in a distorted way. - The points appear as light blue spots
And only by getting closer - by scrolling, do you discover their original color.
I would love to know how to create a heat map with correct zoom and correctly colored points?

Please share js code for dynamic text and leaflet

I think your question is more leaflet than grafana. Check setIcon feature of leaflet

in that case maybe Orchestra City plugin would be the route to go

I’m sorry , I think that you dont understand, I need heatMap.

if this is not a heatMap I am not sure what is?


zoom into it and then


thank about your idea
But I have a problem:
My points are changing, It is dinamic.
They are placed each time in a different place according to the area that the user selects in the “area” variable.

geomap might not be your solution. look at leaftlet as the option.
someone here might know much more about leaflet but you better off posting at a leaflet forum or SO for dynamic location change.

I tried to look for the link to the leaflet forum to ask questions and I couldn’t find it
Does anyone know where I can ask questions about it or anyone have another idea?


Maybe Stack overflow or theit github repo

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