Having trouble in Chained Variables

hello, thx for your proudcts,
and my English is poor, i’ll try my best to describe my problem.

i create a datasource plugins and VariableQueryEditor and QueryEditor succefully.
and i can use variable in my queryEditor.
but now, i want to use chained variable, such as there is two variables A and B, i want to B change when A changed. and now it’s not work together.
and when i refresh my page, there will send two requests by these varibales and they are working, but when i change A, B do not send request to fresh options.

ok! I have solved it!

"query": {
          "chainedVariables": "$ip",
          "conditions": [
              "key": "instance",
              "op": "=",
              "values": [
          "dataset": "5SlFcomoMLGYZ31",
          "id": 1,
          "metricsName": "app_java:http_qps",
          "tag": "instance",
          "type": "App"

this is my [query] at json model.At first, I used the variable in [values], yes it’s depth more than 1, so i guess grafana can not checked their dependices, and then I add a new key [chainedVariables], I write my all used variable in this key.

and then, working perfectly now