Handle different time ranges/ split time series in two measurements

Hey, I’m using Grafana v10.0.3 and InfluxDB as datasource. I have a dataset where one of the time series can be splitted up in two different measurements. The others stay the same measurement over the whole measuring campaign. In the data itself you can’t see the changes, I just know that two different systems have been measured. Unfortunately, I can’t change the database right now e.g. to add a tag. That would be the more elegant way for sure but right now I’m looking for a workaround in Grafana.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Building different queries in one time series panel for filtering by the corresponding time ranges. This works well with renaming the measurement etc. But if you select a period in which one of the measuremts didn’t take place you get an error “cannot query an empty range”.
  • Adding an extra panel for only the one of the measurements and a fix time range in the query (independent of the dashboard time range). I did this for the time-series and a pie-chart. The problem is if you zoom in the time-series plot the pie chart doesn’t “zoom in” so doesn’t change the time range so that the plots don’t fit together anymore.

Any better ideas to “split the measurement in two”? :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

Welcome @asdf06

Maybe try this Transformation?

Thanks @grant2!

Could you give an example how to use it please? When I select this it says “Partition by values only works with a single frame.”

I do not use it, but given that you said “I have a dataset where one of the time series can be splitted up in two different measurements”, I figured this might work.

All the info I can find is here: Grafana 9.3 release: All the latest features

(scroll down to get to this section)