Guidance of Audience Voting using Grafana

Hi Gang, I just found grafana and know nothing about it. I am working on project that needs basic voting over the course of a video to see if perspectives change.

Are there any demos with code of how to use it this way? I’d like to have a real time feedback during our show. Many thanks.

I recommend you start by reading

Once you’ve decided that you do think it’s the right tool for your job (from
the description you’ve given it sounds quite appropriate to me), will guide you through
installing it on the platform of your choice.

Note that Grafana does not store data - it is a visualisation tool for data
held in a data store, of which several types are supported. gives you an
overview of the data stores you can use - I suggest you select one which you
are familiar with, as it will make testing and debugging easier for you.

Finally and will teach you about the basic
building blocks of what you see in Grafana, and will help you decide how you
want to represent your data.

Once you’ve got to the stage wher you have some (perhaps dummy) data in your
data store, and you’ve created a few panels to view it in various ways, feel
free to ask further questions here about how to do more advanced things, or to
find out whether something specific which you’d like to achieve is in fact
possible or not.

Whenever asking questions, please ensure we know which operating system and
version you have installed Grafana on, which version of Grafana you’re using,
which data store it’s looking at, and if you have a problem, paste the exact
error message or describe how to reproduce the problem so that people here
have the best chance of being able to answer you helpfully.

Good luck :slight_smile: