Beginner use case for Grafana

Hello all, i am new to grafana, i have couple of queries

  1. i am new member in team to work with grafana, how to start the learning of grafana
  2. UseCase.
    currently grafana was implemented to visualize all the logs of resources and services in terms of how many seconds, how much time, how much cpu, disk and RAM it has taken.
    eg : for survey service grafana visualizes like how many survey’s done in particular time interval, how many succeded and failed, how many aws instances taken for the services like that.
    in the above example i have seen only how many services , how many instances like that i have seen.

what i need now is visualize Which survey has taken how much time, which survey has taken how much instances with survey id.

pls help me how can i do this, kindly suggest how can we implement that.

you can consider complete survey information is in another Database like RDBMS/ NoSQL