Grouping of alerts managed by grafana ... please explain


could someone please explain how the grouping function works and what a I have to do to get in working in grafana 8.1 with ngalert ?

Hi @immowetzel, sorry for the delay in responding.

We’ve updated our documentation with notes about how grouping in Grafana Alerting works: Alert groups | Grafana Labs

The short version is that Alerts are grouped by Alert Manager type / name.

If you are using the Grafana Alertmanager (which ships with Grafana OSS) then you can group your alerts by folder. You can see an example of this on our public playground instance of Grafana here: Grafana (you may need to login/create an account).

We’ve also made some significant updates to the clarity of these workflows in the most recent 8.3 release of Grafana.

If you have some time in the new year I’d love to hop on a call and explore Grafana Alerting with you to hear about your pain points and see where we can target some changes to help make the alerting workflow more straightforward.

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