Don't want grouping in alerts emails notifications


When we have several alerts notifications, we receive a grouped email with the multiple alerts inside:

I would like to know if it’s possible to have separate emails, one for each alerts, instead of one email with all alerts inside.


@mrpadrpg it seems like that might be possible. I’m providing information for the new grafana alerts , so it might not apply to legacy alerting.

The alerts are grouped by their labels but according to this, you can disable grouping:

Note: Grafana also has a special label named ... that you can use to group all alerts by all labels (effectively disabling grouping), therefore each alert will go into its own group. It is different from the default of group_by: null where all alerts go into a single group.

Thanks for your answer.
Currently, we have nothing in the “Group by” option:

I will try to add a grouping on the alertname to see if it’s working for us.

For future google’ers, you need to manually type “…” into the box that the OP is showing in his screenshot, then Grafana will spit out e-mails separately.