Alert notification consolidation?

Is it possible that grafana could send alerts with all recipients on a single alert instead of an individual email to each contact on the alert. Couple issues the individual emails causes is, if you have multiple contacts on the alert and you are part of more than one of those groups, you get the alert for each individual notification. Most mail systems will dedupe but can’t when they are individual emails. Also, if you have an alert that goes out to a large number of contacts as part of a larger support staff, each group ends up working that alert individually even after the issue is identified by one of the groups. (e.g. When have an alert when http error codes goes above a threshold, that alert goes out to our SRE group, our DBA group, our Neteng group, Security group, etc. SRE will identify the issue, but all the other groups continue to dig in until a separate email/notification is sent to everyone else instead of just being able to reply to the original email).

Is this possible?