Group by week, data displayed on thursday

Hi all,

I have a strange behavior on my grafana panel.

I send to influx 1 data per day, and when I want to change time interval for using weeks, I have as wanted one datapoint every week, but this datapoint comes every thursdays.

I would like to have my datapoints on mondays instead of thursday, but I don’t understand logic behind the scene.

Could you please explain me this ?
Please find attaches an example.



I guess you are using influxdb. There is a syntax for getting what you want but i think you cant do it with the gui editor. On the right side of the query editor there is the option to switch to edit mode.
You need somethign like the following query:

SELECT sum(ca) FROM gmv AS "Global GMV" GROUP BY time(1w,4d) fill(none)

This adds a 4day offset to the group by time


Hi svenklemm,

Yes I use influxdb.
It does the trick, thanks !

Do you know hw could I use this syntax as default ? Or at least by the way of the inverval variable ?

I indeed use a variable with custom values : 1d,2d,1w,2w,30d , and it would be great if I could replace my 1w by this updated value, but I can’t find how to do this.

Thanks a lot !

The following query should work:

SELECT sum(ca) FROM gmv AS "Global GMV" GROUP BY time($variable,4d) fill(none)

I dont think you can use , in custom variables since thats used to separate single values so you cant put the whole expression in the variable unless you have pull your value list from a different datasource.

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I use only days and weeks in my template, so it is not a problem for me to add this into variable queries (excepted I spent some time changing this in every query in my dashboard)
It could be a problem for some people ff they would like to have differents offsets, but it is not our case, so thank you again :slight_smile: !