Group by month and only difference

Newbie here on Grafana.

Through my Home Assistant setup with InfluxDB, I get the Gas total in m3. That is, I don’t see daily usage, but just an ongoing total usage since day 0. I would like to have a graph showing me the usage per calendar month (not 30days).

So I would need to calculate the difference between the end of each month to see what my usage was for that month. And I need to figure out how to use real months instead of 30days.

Do I need to do that calculation on the influxDB and create a query for it that I can query in Grafana? Or is this something I can solve in Grafana with a query?

I saw this old post:
How to group by month? says that with an influxDB, there is no support for 1M, 1year, etc. Has this changed since then or is this still not working?


you can do this all in grafana. you can have a long time view and a chart that shows each month for example.

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