Group by Date with JSON api

I am using grafana through the JSON API plugin, and I would like to know if it was possible to group the values by day, that is, the API output is minute-by-minute records, and I would like to know if it was possible to make sums/averages of these values and group them by day.

For example:
Suppose this output comes from the API:

    {"date":"2022-03-03 09:00:00","value":100},
    {"date":"2022-03-03 09:01:00","value":120},
    {"date":"2022-03-03 09:02:00","value":115},
    {"date":"2022-03-04 09:00:00","value":129},
    {"date":"2022-03-04 09:01:00","value":101},
    {"date":"2022-03-04 09:02:00","value":108}

The result I wanted was for example this:


Is this possible to do in grafana, considering this api output?

Thank you

Yes, you can extract the dates in one column using a JSONata query, splitting at the space and then grabbing the first index. Something like:

$map($, function($v) {(
    ($split($, " ")[0]);

Then using transformations you can select the “Group by” transformation. Group by date and calulate value. Select the total operation and you should get your desired output.

Thank you very much @ollisco. It worked