Group and Sum transform

I have an SQL statement that returns a table of data.
I can acheive grouping and summing in the SQL query without a problem.
However, I want to use the raw data in a dashboard and build several panels from this data set.

I can’t seem to achieve the same results with a transform. Tranform appears to do a group and then a sum, instead of summing by group.

However, the other operations in the transform, like count and “all values” show correctly.

Am I do something wrong, or does my understanding of “Total” not make sense?

Hi @jagauthier :wave:

Did you try to use the Extract Fields in Transformation? It will exactly all those fields which are in the (allValues)

If this is not what you want to achieve, then please try to reproduce this same issue on and then share the dashboard link so that we can view it.


Hi @jagauthier,

I ran into a similar problem, you must add Convert field type transformation before grouping to convert your values from string to numeric

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