Grid Gravity not working when Dashboard API is used


I’m creating several dashboards from a python script, using the Dashboard API from Grafana 7.3.1. Unfortunately the gravity of the panels is not working correctly. I want to have 3 graphs per line, each with a width of 8 and a height of 9. When the dashboard is updated and all panels are re-created, each panel is in a single row, but 8 columns width. I don’t define x and y for the gridPos, hoping for the gravity to work correctly.

"gridPos": {
    "h": 9,
    "w": 8

From the documentation I understood, that Grafana should put 3 panels, each with a width of 8 columns in 1 row (24/8=3) and that is has a negative gravity, pulling all panels together. This is working when adding panels manually, but unfortunately not using the dashboard API.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Opened Issue on Github.