Graphs are showing Unauthorized and Network Error, Even to authorized user

I am using grafana in my website using iframe by defining the panel id in that, which is working fine. But inside grafana admin dashboard, i am getting error showing unauthorized and sometimes Network error 401 . Even with correct user and good network.

Hi @chloeann

Are you running a self-hosted grafana instance? are the datasources configured properly? These are the exact panels that you are importing into an iframe?

@mattabrams , yes its self-hosted instance , and yes the screenshot is from grafana dashboard and exactly these panels as importing to iframe, (working quite fine in iframe)

hmmm, that is extremely odd. I think we would need more info to help you diagnose this. Can you make any query that retrieves any data in Grafana?

Are you seeing anything in the browser’s dev tools, like under the network tab, when this fails to load?

@mattabrams , Just showing 401 error , even with admin login… Same panels are used with iframes and are working fine.

Even More Odd thing, we are using 2 different databases in this dashboard, and the other one is working quite fine.