Graphing a Time Series visualization type without an time field

Hello I am using Grafana v9.1.5 on Ubuntu Server 20.04.5 LTS. I am trying to graph a value without a time field. I have searched everywhere but can’t find how to do it. But I think I have done it before but can’t remember how/was it removed?
So this is the data that I want to graph(data is MySQL):


Where the id would be the x-axis and vrijeme would be the y-axis. I would use a variable to set the mode and diff using a WHERE clause (I know how to do this part). Thank you in advance!

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What datatype is virjeme? Time, string?
Which visualization graph do you want to use.

Hello! Thank you for your reply!

Vrijeme is SQL time, I would like something like time series, aka anything that has connected dots

So in that case it wont be a timeseries graph as you indicated you want to use id on x instead of time.

Ok, so what do you recommend instead?

Check this out