Graph shoing only points after adding transform from calculation


Since the upgrade to 7.4, my graphs are showing dots instead of lines.
The specific of the graphs are:

  • data from PRTG (I assume this is not relevant for the issue)
  • two queries
  • both fields/queries are transformed using calculation “binary operation”
  • one “Organized fields” transformation to show only the calculation results lines in the graph.

If I remove the transformations, then the graph displays line, and not dots, but wrong values for the line.

In “Display” settings of the graph is set “Lines=ON” and “Line width=2”.
If I set “Lines=Off”, the graph is becoming empty.

See the image graphDots|628x500

I tried to use “Time series” instead of “Graph”. Using Time Series the graph also will be empty after the transformations.

I’m getting different measurements that I have to display on the same graph, I must do transformations.


Solution was to update the PRTG Plugin manually from version 4.0.3 to version 4.0.4.
In the new version channels shows “speed” and “volume”, which were missing in preview version.
Using calculations the graph show lines.
Hope will be useful.