Graph producing an Alert even when data is present

I have a graph which is monitoring KW in to our facility as shown below - the information is gathered by Telegraf SNMP and InfluxDB - the data is written every 10 seconds, the problem i am having is when i create an alert to display when power drops below a threshold i will receive a warning regardless - I imagine this is due to the nature of the data collection with 1 collected every 10 seconds -

There must be something wrong with the way i have this set up but i can’t for the life of me get this to stop alerting when data is present.

Any help greatly appreciated.


i have the same problem.
in Conditions,
i changed

when last() of query (A,5m,now) to
when last() of query (A,6m, now-1m)

with this, the alert should be evaluated not on the latest 5 minutes, but on the latest 5 less one. in this way, i thought, there should be data available, even if the data is fetched every 10 seconds.

but i still obtaining the no alert email.

have you found a solution?