Graph averaging over a period of time


I am measuring latency and packet loss to some targets. The rention-shchema that I have stores the results every 1 second for 7 days and the data is displayed nicely in Grafana. When I run a query to display results for 24 hours, the graph seems averaging out the data and does not display the actual values. This becomes an issue when trying to see historical data to find out how many times did the target report latency over 100ms.

Here is an example:

The following graph shows the data for 24 hours and the latency spike for little under 80ms is seen.

If I drill down, I can see that the latency was actually around 200ms not around 80ms

Is there a way to see the actual reading over larger time window than to see some sort of an average?


Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Are you using Graphite? Then read this explanation on how to write your query to be able to zoom out and show accurate results:

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