Graffana signout from Iframe in react application

I have an React App with a Keycloak authentication system (keycloak- React)

I have a Grafana server which allow authentication with OAuth Keycloak

I have a Keycloak Server and two cliendID , one for my ReactApp, and one for my grafana server.

In my React App, I display some iframes coming from my Grafana Server, and with my actual configuration, my Iframes are directly authenticated with OAuth (there is no login screen).

I have a logout button in my react App to process a Keycloak logout, which redirects me to the keycloak login screen.

My problem is that Iframe sessions are saved when I perform a keycloak logout, and if after that I login with a different user, my grafana iframe will still be authenticated with the previous user.

If I logout inside the grafana app, or the grafana iframe, or go to http://grafana-server:3000/logout , I will get logged out to Grafana, and the grafana iframe session will switch to the new one (the user which is logged in my react app).

I want the grafana iframe to perform a sign out when I logout from my react App, so the next user logged in will not have the session of the previous user.

below are configuration grafana client inside keycloak

is there any configuration I need to implement in grafana configuration file?
Some one please help.

Thanks jangaraj for your reply,

that solution is not working for me. I have already followed that article procedures and configured my own application but not giving desired outcome.

below is my signout_redirect_url
signout_redirect_url = http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/CBIS-AUDIT/protocol/openid-connect/logout?redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2localhost%3A3000%2Flogout

so that method is not revoking grafana user logout when I do my react application user logout.


Is there Any API which can trigger Logout of keycloak user from grafana dashboard?