Grafana worldmap plugin with InfluxDB cloud

I have 2 instances of InfluxDB and Grafana in use.
First instance is on a local server, second is in the cloud.

When using grafana/influxdb on my local server, I can get GPS locations correctly shown on the worlmap plugin using InfluxQL queries. In influxDB I manually created a database where I write my data.

When using grafana/influxdb cloud, then influxdb used buckets, and when trying to use InFluxQL in the same way as on my local server, and instead of the data base name in the influxdb data source configuration in grafana, I use he name of the bucket, then worldmap complains that the database can’t be found. I presume this is because the influxdb bucket is not quite the same as the database since a bucket seems to be database + retention policy.
So how can I make this work using influxql?
As far as I understand, Worldmap grafana with Flux is not supported yet?
I have yet to find the Flux query to achieve this.

Amnyone have any suggestion on what the correct query and data source configuration is for using grafana worldmap with an InfluxDB instance in the cloud?