Grafana worldmap didn't show points

I failed to use Grafana worldmap to show my geohash points. Anybody please help.
Grafana: 6.4.1
influxdb: 1.7.9
Ubuntu: 16.04.06

  1. insert a point to influxdb

    $ curl -i -XPOST ‘http://localhost:8086/write?db=mydb’ --data-binary
    ‘worldmap_test,host=server01,geohash=gbsuv7z value=1’

  2. make sure the point is in the DB

    select * from worldmap_test
    name: worldmap_test
    time geohash host value
    ---- ------- ---- -----
    2019-11-18T07:43:13.121589877Z gbsuv7z server01 1

  3. In grafana, try to use table panel and query the data. I can see it in table panel.

  4. Switch to use worldmap panel. Can’t see any point. :~

Kevin Kuei

Ohoh… Finally, I upgraded grafana to 6.4.4 and it works now. :slight_smile: