Grafana with using nginx-manager

Hello everyone,

I installed Grafana using the nginx proxy manager. The installation comes from tesla mate and the whole thing runs on Docker under Windows Server 2019.
Unfortunately, I am absolutely new to Docker and Grafana and see it here for the first time. I don’t even know anything about Linux.

In the local network I can call Grafana via the IP, hostname and any FQDN.

Unfortunately, I always get the following error when I call Grafana via proxy.
If you’re seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files

  1. This could be caused by your reverse proxy settings.
  2. If you host grafana under subpath make sure your grafana.ini root_url setting includes subpath. If not using a reverse proxy make sure to set serve_from_sub_path to true.
  3. If you have a local dev build make sure you build frontend using: yarn start, yarn start:hot, or yarn build
  4. Sometimes restarting grafana-server can help
  5. Check if you are using a non-supported browser. For more information, refer to the list of

I obviously adjusted the docker-compose.yml correctly:
image: teslamate/grafana:latest
restart: always
- DATABASE_USER=teslamate
- DATABASE_NAME=teslamate
- DATABASE_HOST=database
- GF_SERVER_DOMAIN=tesla.domain. de
- GF_SERVER_ROOT_URL=%(protocol)s://192.168.x.5:3001

To me it looks like they will be accepted in Grafana as well

enable_gzip false
enforce_domain false
http_port 3000
protocol http
read_timeout 0
root_url %(protocol)s://192.168.x.x:3001
router_logging false
serve_from_sub_path true
socket /tmp/grafana.sock
static_root_path public

Was könnte ich noch falsch gemacht haben?

Here is my nginx config.
I would like to call it out via because the login mask is under https:// tesla.domain. de (internally on TCP/4000).

I would be really happy if someone could help me. I think I’ve been googling and testing for more than 10 hours. All without success :frowning:

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Found a solution in an other community.

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