Grafana with OpenID connect

I follow Grafana docs and I not sure how to configure the Grafana with OpenID connect.

We already configured several applications with OpenID connect which works OK.

What I need is to configure the OpenID connect to Grafana.

What we have:

  1. ClientID
  2. Client Secret
  3. expose Grafana publicly

In addition, we exposed our Grafana publicly and should configure “/redirect” to it.
from the doc This callback URL must match the full HTTP address that you use in your browser to access Grafana, but with the prefix path of /login/generic_oauth"
So we provided this also, my question is what should I do further, what is mandatory ?

Should I create some application or this is just configuration task?

We are using Grafana 7.1 .

As we are not using the following from the example.

Azure AD