Generic OAuth Username


we are running several Grafana instances with ~50 users and we are currently using LDAP integration for authentication and roles. Now we are investigating how to move to using Generic OAuth with OpenID Connect.

When we tried OAuth with our local OIDC provider we noticed the email address of the user is always used as username. That means new users are created in grafana because the usernames will never match our existing users.

Our local OIDC provider ships attributed like “preferred username” which we’d like to use.

Is there anyone out there who has run into the same problem and maybe has some advise for us how to best proceed?


Configure login_attribute_path properly = JMESPath to OIDC claim preferred_username -`

Thanks a lot, that was exactly the pointer we needed.

Hello, at present I have encountered this problem, can you share your solution, or the corresponding configuration information,Thx.