Grafana with Firefox 60 or IE 11


I’m trying to install and configure Grafana 6.7.2 on a windows machine (windows server 2012 R2 Standard) with Firefox Version 60.6.3esr (64-bit) and Internet Explorer 11. The version 6.7.2 of Grafana doesn’t seem to be compatible with these browser’s versions. But I can’t upgrade the browsers !

Which version of Grafana do you advise me to try Grafana with these 2 browsers ? I wan’t to test Grafana with data from elasticsearch 6.7.

Thank you


Grafana is only supports IE11 in versions prior to v6.0. You could try with 5.4.5.

/Tobias Skarhed

Hello, thank you Tobias J

Hello Tobias
We have installed version 5.4.5 of Grafana. It’s OK now with IE 11. Thank you.

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