Grafana visualisation latency

We have a system where end nodes(sensors) are handled by AWS IoT core while for visualisation we are evaluating use of Grafana Cloud. Time series data is stored to AWS Timestream DB, which acts as Grafana source

In case of alarm (intrusion detection sensors, fire sensors etc) we use AWS services to alert users by SMS or email. Grafana dashboard has a map panel, where alarm is visualised by means of changing marker colour from green to red.

With Grafana dashboard time range set to 24 hours and 5 sec refresh interval, it takes between 1 and 2 minutes for alarm to be visualised(marker changes colour). However, users receive SMS alert almost instantly.

I wonder if there is a way to force Grafana dashboard refresh by API call, such that dashboard displays most recent data?

You can change the dashboard refresh interval to 5s, and then save this as the default: