Grafana v10.1.2: alphanumeric x-axis values for Trend or XY Chart graphs?


I’ve created an XY Chart in Grafana v10.1.2 that shows website metrics on the y-axis against a run ID value on the x-axis, for instance (with apologies for the partial x-axis values between the two datapoints :slight_smile:)

I’ve been asked to change the x-axis values so that they’re prefixed with the release ID, which exists as a separate field within my data source. I can concatenate them via a transformation within Grafana:

which gives me the data values I’m after:


but I can’t see any way to replace the run ID values on the x-axis with these release ID run ID values. This seems sensible, since the graph requires numeric values and these concatenated values are alphanumeric, but is there any way to fool Grafana into plotting the graph in my first screenshot above and replace the x-axis values with the concatenated release ID run ID values?
These release ID run ID values will be dynamic, so a transform renaming specific field values probably isn’t the way to go.

Thanks for reading!