Grafana Unified Alerts: Plugin not registered

  • We are running on Grafana OSS 8.2.2

  • We have written our own datasource plugin for one of our backend systems (unsigned) and it is working fine for querying and showing the data, now we want to enable alarms for that datasource.

  • According to documentation, we added the following flag to the datasource plugin in the plugin.json

“type”: “datasource”,
“name”: “c8y-test01”,
“id”: “c-8-y-c-8-y-test-01”,
“alerting”: true,
“metrics”: true,
“info”: {

  • What happened?
    We can now define the alarms for the data of the plugin. Unfortunately the alarm is not properly triggering and we can see the following in the log file:

t=2021-10-26T11:23:01+0000 lvl=eror msg=“Alert Rule Result Error” logger=alerting.evalContext ruleId=2 name=“Test Alarm” error=“request handler error: plugin not registered” changing state to=alerting

The alarm is not properly triggered. How can we overcome the “Plugin not registered” error?