Grafana UI: Broken TimeRangeInput component

Hello !

Situation :
I am currently developing a plugin with the help of @grafana/ui. I initialized the project with this command

npx grafana create plugin@latest

I am using grafana v9.3.8 and the latest grafana ui available.

Problem :
The problem I am facing is that the TimeRangeInput component seems broken and not interactable. Let me explain :

So to summarize, I can’t interact with the calendar component in the TimeRangeInput, unless it is in responsive mode.

What i have tried :
I tried to set the “isReversed” option to false, I can see the calendar better, but it is still not interactable.

At first I thought the issue came from my own css file, but I tried to delete my whole css, refreshed the plugin (without any cache) and it still didn’t work.

The code i am using is litteraly the one used in the Grafana storybook, and the value types are correct.

My code:

onChange={(v) => {
setTimeRange(dateTime(v.from), dateTime(, index);

It is also important to note that I CAN interact with the quick ranges and everything works fine from this point of view, but the calendar date picker doesn’t work unless in responsive mode.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time !