Grafana Tar ball upgrade

If we need to upgrade to latest version of grafana as part of non sudo user and which is tar ball installation as per the below link provided i have some questions

  1. Backup your grafana plugin installed ?

Does that mean we need to copy the plugins which we have it installed using grafana-cli needs to be copied to separate directory from /grafana/7.0.2/data/plugins ? Please let me know

  1. When its mentioned copy all your custom modifications to custom.ini does that mean we need to make a copy of defaults.ini to other directory and rename it as custom.ini ?

After we extract the new tar file which is 7.0.8 in this case do we need to replace the defaults.ini file with custom.ini[By renaming to defaults.ini]
If that is the case don’t we loose any new features or enhancements that are added in the new defaults.ini

Or do we need to compare defaults.ini of the new version with our custom.ini and modify only those values we have in our old version ?

  1. As the DB we are using is sqlite is it fine we copy the .db file from /grafana/7.0.2/data to /grafana/7.0.6/data

Please let us know

By doing so are we very sure all our existing configurations ,plugins and dash boards along with kafka connectors will be in tact

Thanks in advance

Please clarify