Install in custom directory?

Can Grafana be installed on a customer directory ? something like /grafana.?

If it does, what are the high level steps ?, does it interfere with future upgrades to newer versions ?

I want to install a fresh installation on 5.0.4


You can install Grafana wherever you want. Just download the Standalone Binaries - .tar.gz file and extract it to your custom directory.

There are two features that you will have to do yourself if you want them: grafana as a service (init.d or systemd) and the grafana cli (used for installing plugins) will not be added to your path.

Using the standalone binaries will not affect any future upgrades - the two important parts to backup before an upgrade are the database (located in the data subdirectory by default) and the config file.

Appreciate the reply @daniellee . I will give it a try and let you know if anything,

Any high level instructions on how to get the cli working in that case ? the init.d I can copy from other instance and adjust it but cli I have no clue

The cli tool is located in the bin subdirectory. So you can either run it directly from there:

./bin/grafana-cli --pluginsDir "./data/plugins" plugins install plugin-slug

Or add it your path manually (by putting it in your bin directory I’m guessing - not sure what OS you are using).