Grafana Sum Total of Two Network Interfaces?

Currently using a gRPC stream from a Juniper device subscribing to OpenConfig Telemetry via Telegraf into Influx and Juniper doesn’t send aggregate interface counters via this method, so I’d like to just add the interfaces together for the aggregate total if possible.

Would there be any way to have a sum or total of these two queries? Where would I start?

You could use a stacked graph (it’s an option in the visualization settings) or the Blendstat plugin available here:


As of Grafana 7 you can use the transformations feature to do this directly in Grafana. Go to the Transform tab and create a Add field from calculation transformation. Total should be the default here, so you should be done.

If you want to only keep the new Total graph, you can add another transformation “Filter by name” and set the identifier to Time|Total (or whatever other name you’ve given your total).

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Ahh, thanks, stacked graph would work for me, appreciate it.

Oh, I was trying to transform using the “Reduce” option not Add field from calculation, I seen elsewhere someone mentioned this but it never worked for me.

Setting the Add field from calculation to Reduce Row and Total calculation with the replace all fields option is exactly what I need, thanks.