Grafana SQL Bar Gauge New User Help

Hello Team,

I am trying to convert this sql script into grafana.
I am fairly new to sql and grafana.
I got this far:
I got my bar to show and it shows the data but i want to be able to have it show the countofticketupdates but have the engineer names instead.

Any help would really be appreciated. I still have not figured out the time adjustment either :/.

Feels overwhelming tbh but it is an interesting challenge!
Sorry for all the comments, i was trying to figure out what didn’t work.


I had to spell out @ as AT since the forum thought i was mentioning someone and only allowed 2 since i was a new user.

DECLARE AT BoardID varchar(60)
DECLARE AT StartDate varchar(60)
DECLARE AT EndDate varchar(60)

SET AT BoardID = 1115
SET AT StartDate = ‘2019-6-1’
SET AT EndDate = ‘2019-6-30’

–CONCAT(EM.EmFirstName,’ ',EM.EmLastName) AS ,
EM.EmFirstName, EM.EmLastName,
COUNT(EM.emID) AS CountOfTicketUpdates
FROM tblPTTaskUpdate u
LEFT JOIN tblPTTaskExtAgile b WITH (NOLOCK) ON u.PtuPrtID = b.PrtID
LEFT JOIN nos_hr…tblEmployee em ON em.EmID = u.PtuEmID
WHERE b.PrtPtscID = AT BoardID
AND u.PtuDate BETWEEN AT StartDate AND AT EndDate
–AND em.EmWgID NOT IN (4036,8809,8813,8814,8811,8812,8815,8810,8061,6203,9671)
AND u.PtuDetail NOT LIKE ‘A change associated%’ AND (u.PtuDetail NOT LIKE ‘THIS TICKET HAS BEEN MERGED INTO TICKET%’)
–Em.Emfirstname, Em.EmLastName
GROUP BY EM.EmFirstName, EM.EmLastName