Grafana sigv4 authentication

Hello, we have a problem setting up aws-sigv4 and connecting an AWS AMP workspace via docker images.
TAG: grafana/grafana:7.4.5

Main problem is that in the UI the sigv4 configuration screen does not appear.
Installing grafana:7.4.5 locally via Standalone Linux Binaries works.

Just setting the environment variables,
the configuration screen appears.

Connecting and querying data to AMP via corresponding IAM instance role is working flawlessly.
Doing the same in the docker image as ENV Variables does NOT work.

When using grafana/grafana:sigv4-web-identity it works, but it seems to me that this is just a “test image”.
How to configure the default grafana image in order to enable sigV4 authentication?

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Observing the same issue, can someone help please.

This option must be enabled in grafana.ini

sigv4_auth_enabled = true