Grafana should be repo owner of plugins

Hi, I think Grafana should own the repositories for plugins. Plugin repositories owned by one person often gets inactive after a while and pull requests are not merged.


I’m a member of the core Grafana team and the idea with plugins was to give our community a way to extend Grafana without us having to merge it into core Grafana. This way a long tail of niche plugins can exist that would never be merged to core but are super useful for a group of people. It has been a huge success for us that has really allowed the ecosystem around Grafana to flourish and grow.

We are a small team that already has our hands full with Grafana and the handful of plugins that we have built - there is no way we could take care of all the plugins. 1.) We don’t have the time 2.) We don’t have the expertise (or the time to learn to be experts) for some of technologies behind the plugins.

The short answer is: this is open source, first ask if you can be a maintainer and help out and if that does not work then fork the project and create your own better pictureit.

Did not mean this as critic just as an idea. The plugin system is excellent and works very well. You guys are doing an impressive job on Grafana. The problem with inactive repositories is really a github problem.
Keep up the great work :slightly_smiling_face:

I can totally understand the frustration with unmaintained projects - but at least they are open source and you can fork them. If they were closed source then you would have to write it again from the beginning.

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